Wage Calculator

Are you an unrepresented worker and believe you are not getting the wages and benefits you deserve? Use the tool below to compare!

PA Pipe Trades Wage Calculator 

Below is summary of how our wage calculator works. This is a great tool to give you a snapshot of the possible wage and benefits you may be missing out on!

Each column has a goal but really all work together to educate you on what you are missing out on in wages and benefits. It is our way to show you an apples-to-apples approach of earnings. When our Organizers are out talking to workers, we often get a response from workers something like “ Why should pay union dues when I can work for contractor X for the same money. And even if you make the same base wage, the fringe benefit package cannot compare to what the union has. Here is what each column does.


It gives you the option of which local union, in the area you live, offers in wages and benefits. In the middle section of column 1, you can see hourly and annually the earnings totals as well as totals on the fringe benefits. Then it shows what you would pay in monthly dues. (Example: Local union member may pay $30.00 per month whether they are working or laid-off.)  Also, the working dues based on the percentage. Each local union member pays on the gross pay amount every week.

(Example: A local union members may pay 3% in there weekly gross base wages). Lastly, in green is the calculation of Wages + Fringes – All union dues = Dollar amount annually.   


This is where you the worker realizes what your employer is paying in wages and fringes together. You can input your information to make the comparison.  Base wage + Benefits (vacation, holidays, employer health and 401k contributions) – What you pay out of your check. (employee health and 401k contributions) = True Hourly Compensation as a total package.


Then takes:  Column 1 and Column 2 and compares your true compensation vs the local union total package.